Freedom vs Cynical Abuse

Freedom vs Cynical Abuse

Few days ago, there was a hot issue about a lecturer and students in a classroom of Thammasat University. First of all, that lecturer came into the class and saw some students sitting on the floor. She said to the noisy and crowded class “Shut up!” and to those students “Why do you sit on the floor? I am not about to teach temple boys; they sit on the floor when studying. Go find your seats!” Suddenly, lots of students in the class were yelling at her and one student exclaimed “Sh*t” unashamedly. This incident was recorded in video by a student in the class and uploaded to social media. Furthermore, there were messages spread around TU so as to force the lecturer to apologize and show responsibility to what she said. After that, she showed up to explain about what she did. Interestingly, a number of people in society put diverse comments on this issue. Some said that it is inappropriate due to the fact that the lecturer said in such cynical way. Contrastingly, some commented that they, the students, overacted rudely in that situation. Anyhow, as a teacher, what do you think about it? Is it freedom of the students to act like that?


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