Japan is full of delicious dishes. Japanese food had been a famous and favorite food for people around the world for a long time. Normally it made from fresh local ingredients with finely cooking process. Nowadays, local Japanese food also becomes nation’s satisfied dishes. I have tried it once when I was in Japan. I found out that each province has it own special ingredient to make the dish has a fantastic taste.

Let’s start from the north of Japan, Hokkaido, in this area is renowned for the high quality and fresh seafood. Especially, giant crab (kani) and salmon roe (ikra) or red caviar. Some province in this area is famous for sea urchin as it is surrounded by cold water. Since they have various kinds of fresh seafood, they special and unique dish is rice bowl with seafood topped with red caviar. Other optional is adding red miso to add up different flavor. This dish is wildly spread to several countries and the price is as high as it quality.

Seafood rice

Next is the dish from Kanto region, Tochigi. Tochigi is in the middle of Japan. In this province, there are a lot of Chinese immigrants, so they opened Chinese restaurants and sell various Chinese dishes. One of the most popular fusion dishes in Tochigi is meat dumplings or Gyoza. Sesame oil mixes in local style with minced meat then adds chopped pungent greens. Some shops also add cabbage for texture, then wrapped with round thin skin dough to form dumplings. Outside of dumpling is crispy, but inside soft and juicy.


            Another dish is from Nagasaki, the province in the south of Japan that also famous for seafood. The well-known dish is Champon noodle. Champon means seafood in Japanese. Nagasaki Champon was created in Chinese restaurant. The first version was simple and easy combination between pork and bamboo shoots. Eventually, the owner invented new recipe that can use fresh local seafood ingredient in that dish. So he adds squids, shrimps and oysters that harvested from Nagasaki’s coast to increase nutrition.


            Every region in Japan has it special ingredients to make their local food unique and delicious. If you have a chance to try Japanese local dishes, these might be a great alternative choice for you.


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