Money Management Applications

Money Management Applications

Money Management Applications     

           As college students, we have lots of responsibilities to take care of which are also including money management within our given budget. Most people keep tracking their expanses by recording in their cash book. However, sometimes, it is inconvenience to take out the cash book to record the expenses since you need to use pen to jot them down. You also have to carry around both the cash book and pen with you all the time; therefore, some people might lose their tracking due to this difficulty and say that it is hard to recording their payments and incomes. Nowadays, as the technology is developing, smart phone have several functions including recording balances as well. Using applications that are designed to replace cash book is another option for those who like conveniences. In the App Store or Google Play, there are plenty of applications for recording balances, but not every application is good. As an experienced person, I recommend you to try these three effective applications for keeping track on expenses.

For the first application, it is called It comes in green leaf shape on the home screen. This application will sync with your banking accounts, thus it gives you an accurate and real time balance. It also automatically categorizes and gives you the overall picture of expenses which make it easy to keep track on how much you have spent for each category. Due to this, you can use it to pinpoint on what category you should save. Still, if you are afraid of overspending your money, you can set low budget alert and the application will sent an e-mail or a text when you hit the setting number.

Next, this application is called GoodBudget. It imitates the old fashion way of money management which is the Cash Envelop to separate budget for each category and put it in envelops. The advantage of separating budgets is that it helps you not to overspending and systematize you budget. This method of saving is suitable for those whose incomes irregularly come or do not have an actual time deposit e.g. freelancers. The budgets are classified by the usage purpose; therefore, you can contribute a special saving for an upcoming events e.g. holiday gift or travelling.
1024x1024srLastly, it is called Spendee. This application looks simple and easy to use. There are only three steps of recording the expenses. First, open your Spendee application. Then, touch the plus sign at the bottom of your screen. After that, the calculator will appear on your screen. Type the amount of your expenses and select the category. That is it. Your record is automatically jot down and categorized. This application is suitable for people who do not like the complexity usage. It also has both pie and line chart to help you seeing a clear picture of you expenses. The special of this application is that it can acts like a diary you can add pictures and location in your recording.


All in all,, Goodbudget and Spendee are options for those who want to keep track on their balances, but sick of using paperwork or scribble on your journal. By using the application, you will have no trouble finding pen to jot down. You can just conveniently type it in your phone. Moreover, you do not have to calculate numbers or categorize each expanse by yourself since the application automatically dose all that for you. As college student, we need to keep in mind that if we do not know how to care for money, money will stay away from you.

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