Memories in a photograph

Memories in a photograph

Music has a strong impact on many people and also reflects their life. A song that reflects my life is “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran because when I listen to this song, I just keep thinking about my past. This song is about loving can affect you in many ways and whatever it is you can keep the memories in a photograph. At this point, you may still have no idea about how this song reflect my life so, I will show you more reason to prove it.

To begin with, I am the one who love to take a picture in every circumstance such as travelling with my family, hanging out with friends or even having a bad time. I cannot help myself not to take a pictures. For me, photograph is one of the best memory keepers. When you see your pictures in the past, you will see through the time. Your happiness or sadness, you can feel the same way as you feel again like in the song says ” We keep this love in photograph. We made these memories for ourselves where our eyes are never closing, hearts are never broken, time forever frozen still.

Furthermore, this song makes me think about my grandmother. Not so long ago, my grandmother passed away. I was so shocked. I didn’t know what to think or what to do, one thing that I knew was my eyes are wet. Although, it is a hard time for me, but when I hear this song I know that I can keep her in my memory. I can pick up some of our pictures and see how happy we were.


As you can see, this song has a great impact on me. It makes me think in more positive ways and it can help me through the hard time with all of the meaning of the song. So, when you miss someone or you feel like you are not happy with your life. Take a look at your old photographs and don’t forget to listen to this song, I’m sure you will feel better like I do.

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