Live a life you will remember

Live a life you will remember



We all know that the songs or the movies we have seen are simply based on our real life. So it is not strange if you watch some movies or listen to some songs and happen to think that this is “your song”. It happened to me as well. One day in the last two years, my friend showed me one song through her telephone. And from that day, with the meaningful lyrics and nice rhythm, this song became my favorite song. The song doesn’t only reflects me but it also give me support in the day I hesitated or felt insecure. This song is The Night by Avicii.

                  This song reflects many parts of my life with my own personality. I am the kind of person who believe in quote “Now or never”. I like trying to do what I am interested in even if it is risky to give me some negative results. And fortunately, whatever I chose, my parents and people around me have never blocked. They always open, listen to me and give me support. There are many times in my life that I made a big decisions with very simple reasons. Once is when I decided to study here. At that time, I want to study about English language and I decided to attend the English major of Liberal Arts, MU. But there were the change when I found out about Special Needs Education. It is the education for children who are in needs such as blinds, autistics, children with health and physical disability etc. I saw little information about it and I had never known any children with disabilities. But I am so interested that I have no reason for myself too. And this Faculty has Special Needs Education major. Moreover, this Faculty also allow to take this and English major at the same time. With this main desire, I immediately changed my mind and chose to study here although I don’t know what if I can pass the English major screening test and I still have other doubts. And another example is in the last year, I easily accepted the offer to work in CU-TU Traditional Football from the person I had never known before. That work had continued for around seven months.

                  The following consequences from these decisions were unexpectable. And that is the reasons I like trying it. Because I don’t know what I will get unless do it. Sometimes, the consequences may awesome that I don’t know if I can find anything better than this, such as what I study now. Or sometimes, exactly, they may not be good consequences for you but it will always be good experiences. I still want to tell you that, when I look back, there is no any single time I regret what I have chosen.

                  The Night reflects my life because it gives this kind of attitudes. The song is talk about the words that father gave to his son when he was a child. The father told him not to forget the feeling he felt in the childhood. It was the time he didn’t know the fear then he did everything he want and learnt the lessons while he cried. This is how children are. That is different from when we grow up that we are more thoughtful and afraid of the bad results. The main point his father want him to know is that to live his life like he was a child, live his life in the way he wants. And no matter what, father told him to remember, his father will always support him.

Now you can see, ‘The Night’ is the song that describes these parts of my life perfectly. And it also give me confident to make a decision to something. Even when I feel tired or stressed from the way I had chosen, when I feel like I shouldn’t choose this way at the first place, this song will cheer me up. It make me realize what positive things I got from the situations. Now I believe that there is nothing which have only positive or negative sides. Then, it is easier to take chances at the same time with take some risks. It is because I will never know if in the future I look back and realize it was the best decision I have ever made.


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  1. Wow such a nice song with a nice girl. Like it!

  2. I do like this song!

  3. Woah Thanks for suggesting such an awesome song cuz I only listen to “The Day” tho.

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