Boys in the Street

Boys in the Street

If you ask me to count how many songs I have listened to, it might be one of the hardest questions in my life. There are many songs that I love and most of them affect the mood in every part of my life. However, the only song that can reflect my present life time actually is “Boys in the Street”

Boys in the Street is an emotional and telling the same sex love story of a man written by a straight singer, Greg Holden. He gave messages to communicate about LGBT or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people.  The song began with one father who strongly denies his gay son. He was sarcastic towards his son in every way trying to change the son’s mind. The lyric “We’ve worked for our money, we put you in school Is this how you repay us? Do you think this is cool?” It shows father’s claim that his son’ sexuality is quite ungrateful behavior. The son embarrasses the family. When time passed, father’s heart is melted. He finally accepts his gay son.

My present life is too close this song. I really figure out how the son in this song gets suffer from any unacceptance especially the family. I am the one who can love either a boy or girl, if we are a good match. My mother always tries to change me. She mentions that if the others know that I am a bisexual person, they might laugh on me.  It will also discredit my solder father who has man of honor. I know it is hard to understand my attitude. On the other hand, I wish my family understood me for no reason.

As can be seen, Boy in the Street mirrors my unaccepted family for my bisexuality. I make sense how the son feel and I am very glad that finally father in the song said “all I was taught is men only love women, but now I’m not sure. My son, keep kissing boys in the street” I only hope that my family will tell me the same in one day.



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