4 Ancient Tips to Lose Weight


As I look around, I find a lot of people try hard to lose weight. They take a good care of their diet. They concern about activities they do. Some people fast and some take drugs. If you are the one who are looking for effective ways that not only lose your weight but also make you be a healthy person, I’d like to suggest 4 basic ways used since an ancient era to lose your weight in this modern time!

            First, it is important that you eat only two big meals a day. You may be surprised that why TWO? Back in ancient times, men have only two major meals and one light and healthy for the third. You can choose what meal you want it to be light. Keep in mind that the light meal should be under 250 calories.

            Second, consume more protein and vegetables. You can have meat along with vegetables for your big meal. The protein source can be chicken, fish, meat, salmon teriyaki or even chicken salad. A sip of red wine is another thing that you can have as you wish. It benefits your health in a couple of ways. You will get fewer colder, weight loss, mind and brain enhancement, disease prevention, and better heart health. According to ancient doctors, consume less carbohydrate and grains in order to prevent overeating.

Third, enjoy your lunch. You can eat whatever type of food you’d like such as grains, starches and even anything sweet. However, don’t forget protein and vegetables. You may add protein source together with your starch dish. If you are still hungry, you can absolutely eat more! But, only vegetables like salad.

Finally, You can’t miss exercising. You don’t need to have a hard workout, just basic but consistent. In fact, regular exercise makes you feel happier and controls your appetite. You have to start with 10-minute-cardiovascular-exercise three times a week for example, jogging, jumping rope, walking and swimming. You can try stronger exercise for more health benefits when you are fit enough.

It’s not so difficult right? I hope that all of the tips above will help you lose weight and benefit your health. Stop hesitating and try these tips for your perfect body or you still are chubby.

source: http://www.rd.com/health/diet-weight-loss/lose-weight-habits/

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  1. So, we should stop finding somewhere to eat out every evening, right? Haha

  2. I want to try this 4 ancient tips, but I don’t want to miss my dinner 🙁

  3. You know I’m a thin girl. The first 3 of your methods I do it instinctively but the fourth method I’m too lazy to do it. :p

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