A great supporting song: The Climb

A great supporting song: The Climb

There are a number of supporting songs in the world; however, there is one song that every time I listen, I can be more power and encourage which is The Climb by Miley Cyrus. The climb is performed by Miley Cyrus in 2009, and it was an original soundtrack of Hannah Montana: The Movie. The Hannah Montana: The Movie is a film based on an original series of Disney Channel, Hannah Montana. This song has a very supporting meaning for someone who is disappointed in life. The lyric of the song is about a girl who tries hard to do something important in life, but she feels tired, insecure, and confused by the obstacles she found. In the lyric, it compares the obstacles to a mountain and she tries hard to move it away and to climb over it. Although sometimes she falls, she still tries to move on until she reaches it. So, that is the reason why the song is named “The Climb”. I love to listen to “The Climb” because like I mentioned before that it is a very supporting song. Once I felt tired and sad, I just listened to this song and it made me feel better. However it can’t make all of my sad away, it made me feel happier and more power. Eventually, no matter how hard the way to your dream or your goal is, you have to be strong and try hard doing it until you reach it just like in the song, “The Climb”.

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  1. While I’m not a fan of Cyrus, I do like your writing. Keep climbing.

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