A Lesson from Ma’am

Spending my last summer in Australia was one of the most valuable experiences I’ve ever had. I went to live and work with my aunt’s friend, Ma’am. Being with Ma’am for 2 months gave me a big lesson that I will never forget. Ma’am is a head chef and owns a Thai restaurant in Australia. She provides the main income to her family back in Thailand and her several Thai employees in the restaurant. Being a hard working woman, she keeps the restaurant open every day and night, and never rests well. One day, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and had to close the restaurant to get her treatment. This resulted in her employees losing their income and the same way her family. From this, I learnt that even though she is a very devoting person, it is OK to think about herself, too. This is because the others parts will not go on if the heart cannot work.

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