A love from my father

A love from my father

In my life, I am usually confined to do many things by my father. I understand that it is the part of my father’s affection. However, sometimes I thought he was overprotective, and this led us to the arguments. I have always wondered why he keeps prohibiting me while other fathers do not. And one day I found the answer. He told me one of the reasons why he was highly overprotective. The reason was that he experienced the risk of losing me.

When I was a baby, my father was the only person who saw me suffered from terrible illness. He told me that when I was born, instead of being happy as he was becoming a father, he was terrified to lose me. A doctor told him that I had a hemolytic disease which caused my body turn yellow. He saw me in an incubator with many silicone tubes dangling around my body. The picture of one of those silicone tubes connected my nose to medical equipment saddened and made my father distressed. The other incident happened when I was only six months. One night, I had diarrhea and a bad fever from gastroenteritis. As my mother worked in Bangkok, it was my father who took me to the hospital. As soon as he went there, a nurse took me to a doctor, separating me from my father. He was very nervous and confused. He was alone and waited for hours till the nurse told him that I had to stay at the hospital. He stayed with me and rarely slept as he looked after and soothed me during the night. It took several days for me to get over that disease, but it was like years for my father who always prayed for my recovery.

Since then, I realized that the reasons for my father’s overprotective behaviors was that he was once about to lose me. Now, I know that my father loves me, I am sure I do not even truly know HOW much love he has been giving me all my life.



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  1. Your journal makes me miss my dad, the man who loves me the most. ><

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