More Than a Normal Trip

More Than a Normal Trip

When you go out to travel, what is your expectation? I, like most people, love to travel just only for fun, but from my last vacation I learned something more. Last long holiday, my family and I had a plan to visit Chiangkhan, a lovely, famous, and small town located in Loei Province. After driving uphill and passing many valleys for five hours, we finally arrived. At first, I confessed that I was so disappointed because  it was just a simple town that is quite old and had nothing exciting. I wondered why many people would like to visit here. One day passed. I did not feel like doing anything. I only wanted to leave here going back home and this trip would be my worst trip ever. But thanks to my dad, he told me to open my mind. Don’t judge the book by its cover so he suggested me to took all the afternoon going out for a walk along a small street. After that if I still wanted to leave here, I could. I did following my dad’s advice. I try to let my mind fly with local life. In fact, it was not too bad as I firstly thought. Maybe I was bias. The town was quiet with simple lifestyle of the people. I could see the old wooden houses along the bank of Khong River. It is simple but charming. I saw nice people; giving me a warm welcome, unique lifestyle, and antique houses. I just realized that I unintentionally felt in love with Chiangkhan. I was so sad when I had to say goodbye there. I promised to myself that one day I must go back there again. It is my most memorable trip ever; the trip which taught me that happiness is all around me, just open my mind.

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