A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember

 Though the summer heat is now cooling  off, my first journey of travelling alone is still a heart-warming memory. When I was a kid, everything I have dreamed of seems to be far-reaching. As I grew up I realized that it is time for me to make those dreams become a reality. I decided to step out of my comfort zone, to take on an adventurous journey because I know that it is the only place where miracle happens.

Along my solo-trip, one thing I needed to bear in mind was to always expect the unexpected. When things didn’t turn out the way I planned, sometimes I became frustrated and my fear arose. Other times, I felt compelled to overcome the challenge. Upon an unfortunate series of events, travelling alone gave myself an opportunity to know my weaknesses and strengths. I saw myself, my inner self, when I was insecure. I empowered myself when I found out I was capable of things I’ve never done.

When on the road, I explored parts of my personality I was not familiar with. I made friends with amazing people along my journey. At times, when things were hard to handle and I was lost in an unknown place, I started to believe in the kindness of strangers. I met people from different walks of life who shared the same dream of taking on an adventure to learn and experience more, to find out who we are, and to be absolutely who we want to become.

It wasnt just the “beautiful” people that impressed me, but also the surrounding environment. I blended myself in with the beauty of the places I visited because that was my prime motive to travel alone in the first place. I appreciated the beauty that nature has given us. For all the time before, I had take it all for granted. I started to take time to look back slowly at all surroundings: the skyscrapers across the silver lining, incandescent lights with a glimpse of hope, beaches, summer breeze, and ocean waves. I could leave all my stress, fear, anxiety back home behind and forget all about them for a moment and began to nurture myself. I stepped on to the pure sand and felt calm. I reached to the top of the Empire State Building and became brave. I stared at the strength of the Niagara Falls and felt fulfilled. When coming back, I tried to recreate myself to become a better and well-rounded person after tossing all the crumbled up pieces of the past away. It was surely a walk to remember.




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