About Time

About Time

Have you ever taken something for granted or regretted not doing it? If you always missed your opportunities, and need one more chance to take advantage, you should think about your all actions deliberately or learn how to spend your life time like Tim in About Time.

About Time is a romantic movie released in 2013. The story told about Tim’s life which was not going well all the time. One day, his dad revealed a secret of family that all men had an ability to travel in time. Tim had used it for work and persons in his family before he met Mary. After that he did everything in order to get her away from her boyfriend by traveling back in time. Finally, both of them became a lovely couple. However the ability had limitation, everything at the present would be exactly the same when every single thing was done exactly the same in the past. Therefore, when Tim had a daughter, it made her become into another one when he got back from helping sister in the past. This occasion could happen because it was impossible to let the same sperm take birth. After that, Tim realized if his dad was dead, he could not travel back in time to see his dad again otherwise his children would become another one again.



Before Tim’s dad passed away, he taught Tim how to live and manage time. Tim got it and he did so well. Their suggestion really affected my life. It taught me not to overlook small things in your life or rush the days because every day might not be good, but there might be something good in every day. I started living at the present, learning the past and planning for future. Even I didn’t spend my day as if it was the last day of my life like Tim, he also reminded me of spending my time worthily. After I watched this movie, I take every opportunity even though it may lead to bad consequences so that I would not say sorry why I didn’t do it.

At the end of the story, they show me an inspiration about how beautiful life is, and leave me one important lesson. “Never be stuck in the past, don’t take it for granted and live like it is the last day of your life.”


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