After facing with the midterm exam, a number of acne had already built a land mark on my face.  It is so common that nearly eighty-five percent of the population will develop some form of acne at some time between the ages of twelve and twenty-five years. But I think that nobody want to have it as well as me. So I try to find the causes of acne by searching the information from the books and websites. I found that acne, an undesirable skin disease, can be caused by three major reasons.

First, experts believe that the primary cause is a rise of one type of hormone called androgen. Rising androgen levels make the oil glands under the skin grow. Therefore, it produces more oil in the enlarged gland and follicles. Moreover, excessive oil can break down cellular walls in the pores, causing bacteria to grow.

Second, some studies indicate that acne could also be genetic. It can be seen that acne is a skin disorder that can pass to the new generation like high blood pressure or diabetes. Genetic factors may determine the quantity of acnes in early adult life. So, having a parent or sibling with acne increases the chances that we will experience it as well.

Lastly, acne can cause by stress. This happens because, when the body is stressed, the increase in stress hormones can throw off the equilibrium. The amount of oil in the skin increases and clogs the pores.Accordingly, everyone can experience all sorts of changes, such as weight gain, increased blood pressure, and worsened acne.

In conclusion, acne is a big problem but if we know about causes of acne, we will solve this problem effectively .


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