Action the Mirror Reflecting in Your Personality

Action the Mirror Reflecting in Your Personality

Everybody watches dramas or movies, don’t you? I’m sure that when watching them, you must have attitudes towards the characters. For example, you know “Mr. Bean”, right? How is he? Absolutely, he was such a funny man! He always does something stupid and rarely cares about others’ norm or value – he focuses on only what can serve his needs best. Do you think he did properly? What can be considered to evaluate the man? Of course, it is his actions. Therefore, what is the role of “action”?

In reality, we are human beings, and we are different from the trees around us. Unlike them, we cannot live by just standing calmly, exposing to the sun, drinking pure water, and then growing up. Indeed, we have actions to imply our ideas, to call for our needs, or to express our feelings. Action is like the cover of a book. For books, their cover indicates the contents. Similarly, actions reveal our personalities. Like in the social networks, we love to perform ourselves in many ways like uploading photos with a catchy caption about what we have eaten or where we have traveled. We do this to let others know about our stories, while they can judge you from your actions.

From these points, let you think back to your actions in the past. They need to be improved, or just forget them? In addition, what stereotypes do you want to be considered by others? How about being the same as Mr.Bean, who just follows the ways he prefers? The answer depends on you. More importantly, don’t forget that ‘what you act equals what you are’.

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