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Do you doubt why many movies have aliens as the casts of their stories? The movies that have aliens appear in are Transformers, Aliens, Predators, Aliens VS Predators, E.T., Men in Black, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar, and etc. There are three reasons why many movies have aliens as their casts.


First, human imagine of aliens as a bad character. So, the movies use aliens as a villain with purposes to destroy the earth, to do their human researches, or to rule the earth for their movies.


Second, alien movies with sci-fi genre are more interested than other genres. With special effects and computer graphics, movies become worthier than ordinary movie. And they can make a lot of money from this.


The last one, humans always believe in the extraterrestrial lives.  For me, I also think that if humans can live in the Earth, why other planets or other galaxies in the universe cannot be the habitats for the extraterrestrial lives?

Bad characters, sci-fi genre and believed are the three reasons why many movies have aliens as their casts.
Do aliens really exist? I always ask this question.  No scientists can surely prove the existence of the extraterrestrial lives. Nobody knows except National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA.


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  1. I think not even NASA knows. We can only guess.

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