All of you

Betty Who, All of You, Take Me When You Go

I used to be immature back then. I always spoke loudly and did anything without thinking. I wasn’t a bad girl, but I was just a self-confident person. I didn’t aware this point until I’ve done a bad thing to my special friend. I always think about that moment every time when I hear the song that is called “All of you” by Betty Who.

All of you is a song that talk about a woman who wanted to say sorry to her boyfriend because of her stupid mistakes. This is because she couldn’t turn back time, she expressed her feeling through this song. I also had an experience like this. When I was a high school student, I just had a small group of friends, but I had only one close friend that I could tell anything to her. At that time, we went to Siam for watching a movie and shopping. I can’t remember what she said, but I can remember that I was very annoyed, and then I slapped her face. Her face turned to be red like a tomato, and her eyes filled with tears. I immediately knew I did a wrong thing and I had to say sorry, but I was reticent and refused to make eye contact. She ran away from me while it was raining outside. I rushed her in the rain like a boy rushed a girl from romantic movies. After the pouring rain, we had a chance to talk and said sorry. Although I did an unforgivable thing in short time to her, she forgave me for what I did. She told me that because I am her best friend. I felt appreciate and I meant to improve myself for be a better one.

From that moment, I realize that friendship isn’t how I forget but how I forgive. Not how I see but how I feel and how I hold on.

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