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Is abortion a sin?


Thailand is one of the most numbers of unwanted among teenagers start from only 13 years old. This kinda sadden me up every time I hear the news. For many years, this problem remains at the same damn point. No one would care and come to fix it directly at the real cause. One thing they(almost of Thai people) do ... Read More »

Three Skills to Become a Successful Person Nowadays


No matter how many decades pass, to become a successful person is still not easy, it will become harder and harder especially nowadays when people, who are surrounded by technology and information that running in every single second, wait for a chance to introduce their faces to the world. For me, Bill Gates is a very good choice to investigate ... Read More »

How to Get Over a Break Up

To split up with your partner happens when you find yourself no longer have a fondness for each other and then decide to break off the love connection. The loss of relationship tends to brings you on a tough time, intense stress, and sadness. Most broken-hearted people finally come up with anger and hatred toward their Exs. But to keep ... Read More »

The Best Failure


I was born a middle-class family surrounded by my beloved relatives who love to sing and play musical instruments. So, it is no doubt that singing has become my most precious activity since I was fivel. I learnt how to sing by myself in possibly various ways I could until one day I dared myself to join the competition in ... Read More »

The Naga Footprints


Do you believe that Naga is real? The word ‘Naga’came from Saskrit and Pali word which Thai people use to represent a snake-like god who guards a whole river to be safe. Some people respect the god a lot because they believe he is real and so powerful. Some said he can transform himself into a human emerging from the ... Read More »