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Chloe’s Trail


I love to write; and so I wrote. I love how you are, and whom you may flower into; so I wrote about you. I was thinking about the things I truly love to do. Not ‘love’ in the casual sense of the word that gets bantered about 20 times a day to describe affection for such things as pizza ... Read More »

Profile Pictures with Gravatar


The Chulawired wordpress theme uses Gravatar to display users’ profile/post avatars. To create or change your Gravatar, go to: If you have never setup a Gravatar account: Register / login to Gravatar. Upon registering, use the SAME email address that is associated with your WordPress User Profile. Upload your photo and associate it with that specific email address. If ... Read More »

Stairway to Heaven

1346795773_Stairway To Heaven

One phrase I remembered from a professor at my teachers’ colleges was, “students catch more than they are taught.” By this he meant that while every lesson, unit, course, and school-wide learning plan has codified (written down) objectives, there is always extra unintended learning by students who are very observant and pick up much more than we teachers consciously put ... Read More »

Why Brown is Better

liu wen

Brown is beautiful. And not just for skin; some of the best things in the universe are brown. Just think of all the gorgeous, delicious, happy things we love that are brown; brownies (duh!), chocolate, almonds, the fertile Earth, those deep gold-brown eyes that you can get lost in (I’m talking to you, Sarah), my favorite wool sweater, brown sugar ... Read More »

TV Series: Penny Dreadful


      Penny Dreadful is a smart, stylish, sexy and carefully crafted gothic-horror TV series that offers a unique twist on some old legends from Victorian London times. The story centers around a rich world-exploring father who is living in creepy late 1800s London looking for his missing daughter. He suspects evil forces are behind her disappearance.  Helping him search for ... Read More »