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Grimm’s Fairy Tales


Are Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel familiar to you? Of course, they are all princesses, or they are Disney princesses. However, the versions we have known nowadays are not the original one. The original versions were written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, the German brothers or we all knew as the Grimm Brothers. They wrote numerious well-known stories ... Read More »

Time Travel


What if you can turn back times and fix things you did it wrongly? Or what if you can go to the future to see what you going to be? It would be great and very amazing, right? Time travel is a concept of traveling through time both to the past and to the future. You can also see time ... Read More »

Email vs Letter


Nowadays, our world is a globalization which means we can easily connect by the Internet. One of the current communication ways is an E-mail; on the contrary, a letter is a common way to communicate in the old days. However, there are many differences between an E-mail and a letter. Firstly, an E-mail is more convenient than a letter. We ... Read More »

Death surely comes to us


A few days ago, I heard some sad story about death and that remind me of my story. The story that I think about is the story of my grandfather. He died at eighty years old because of heart failure. It made me think of the fact that we can not run away from death, so do what you want ... Read More »

A great supporting song: The Climb


There are a number of supporting songs in the world; however, there is one song that every time I listen, I can be more power and encourage which is The Climb by Miley Cyrus. The climb is performed by Miley Cyrus in 2009, and it was an original soundtrack of Hannah Montana: The Movie. The Hannah Montana: The Movie is ... Read More »