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“I swear I lived”

  There are billion songs in this world. There are million songs I listen to. Still, there is only one song that inspires and reflects my life. The song is “I lived” by OneRepublic. Written by the frontman of OneRepublic, “I lived” is for his four-year-old son.  Yet, he made it universal and applicable to everyone. The song talks mainly ... Read More »

Better Shuttle Bus for Better Journey in CU

Even though CU shuttle bus service has helped make traveling around CU easier, it doesn’t to serve the needs of passengers yet. There are a few things that can help it meet the need. The first thing to fix it is to add more buses. Sufficient buses will provide enough space and allow the passengers to feel more comfortable. When ... Read More »

A Lesson from Ma’am

Spending my last summer in Australia was one of the most valuable experiences I’ve ever had. I went to live and work with my aunt’s friend, Ma’am. Being with Ma’am for 2 months gave me a big lesson that I will never forget. Ma’am is a head chef and owns a Thai restaurant in Australia. She provides the main income ... Read More »