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Good friend Good luck Good life


  People today are becoming so selfish because of many transitions and changes in a society. It is very difficult to call anybody the best friend because everybody tries to exploit others. The people whom we regard as our best friends often prove otherwise. True friends have become as rare as a blue moon. A search for them is bound ... Read More »



Acne After facing with the midterm exam, a number of acne had already built a land mark on my face.  It is so common that nearly eighty-five percent of the population will develop some form of acne at some time between the ages of twelve and twenty-five years. But I think that nobody want to have it as well as me. ... Read More »

True love between sisters


Most of us probably grew up watching Disney Movies. We are all familiar with classic “true love” story. The prince rescues the princess by kissing. And then, they are both live happily forever. But if you watched Frozen, you will know that romantic love is definitely not the only kind of true love out there. There is a deeper love ... Read More »

Hello Kitty is not a cat?


Hello Kitty is not a cat? I am the one who really like Hello Kitty, so most areas of my bedroom are full of the collectable Hello Kitty dolls and Hello Kitty figurines which I always receive from my family and friends on my Birthday. Last month, I talked to my friend about the new Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok ... Read More »

Lanna Chula Club


Lanna Chula Club Today is a great day. I am very excited, waiting for the bus to go to seminar with my friends in Lanna Chula club. Our club is the best club in my mind and it is well known among CU’s students with its special identity.  I applied this club, since I was a freshman.I found that there are ... Read More »