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Three effects of computer addiction


                                                                  Computer addiction, the excessive use of computer, causes three effects on daily life. The first consequence is that it ruins the addicts’ health. Excessive use can cause ... Read More »

Hard time in my life …


                                      My hard time came when I had to prepare myself for the entrance examination 3 years ago. Being a first year student in high school, I felt so excited and I did not think much about the entrance yet. This was ... Read More »

Definition of love


The definition of love                                                 When I think about love , love is what I always want it to be , in any shape , form ,words, so love is billion things for billions different people and ... Read More »

Make a wish …


IF YOU COULD HAVE A WISH, WHAT WOULD IT BE .                         Making a wish is being with people in every part of the world including me and I always wish to be young forever because it means having a good health, being free from responsibilities and never getting hurt especially  by other people.                         Being young means having ... Read More »

How to make fruit salad


When I am hungry, the first dish that I always think of is something healthy like fruit salad.  Personally, I think that fruit salad is easy to make, good for losing weight people , and also perfect to be snack so I really love eating this delicious dish ever. As I said before , fruit salad is very easy to ... Read More »