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My favorite sport “Sepak Takraw”


If I ask Thai people about Thai sports, what will they think of? Somebody may think of Muay Thai, somebody may think of Takraw. Nowadays, Muay Thai is widespread all around the world. A lot of people know a lot of details about Muay Thai but has anyone know some details about Takraw? I would like to introduce my favorite ... Read More »

My dream careers


Everyone must have his dream career in his mind, of course I am. Since he was young, he might want to be someone or something that going to be cool but when he has grown up his attitude usually changed. When I was young I want to be a doctor and soldier but when I grew up, I have five ... Read More »

Let’s go to Krabi


Let’s go to Krabi! Thailand is one of the most famous tourist destination countries in the world. Thailand has many famous provinces that tourists usually go. I would like to introduce my hometown, one of the most famous provinces of Thailand called Krabi to you. Krabi has a lot of tourist attractions so that people about three millions people chose ... Read More »



    Since the day I was first in the Faculty of Education, I was intimated by Physical and Health Education students. For that reason, last year, I accepted an invitation by a senior called Toomtaam to join his football club, ARE HERE FC. I suddenly accepted that invitation because I love playing sports, especially football. After that he has introducd me ... Read More »

How to make Tom Yum Kung


  Thai food is one of the most famous food in the world. I believe that Tom Yum Kung is the most famous Thai food. Therefore, I will teach you how to make Tom Yum Kung. There are three major steps of cooking Tom Yum Kung. Firstly, you have to prepare all needed ingredients, including water, shrimps, lemongrass, mushroom, kaffir ... Read More »