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Loy Krathong festival


Last Thursday, November 6, was Loy krathong festival day which was one of the most magnificent Thai festivals. The date of Loy krathong is not fixed depending on Thai lunar calendar; nevertheless, it normally falls in the first 2 week on November. Traditionally, Loy means ‘to float’ and Krathong means ‘a basket’. Thai people float krathong in order to pay ... Read More »

Film review: The best of me


“The best of me” is the lasted movie that I’ve watched. As I saw ‘A Nicolas Sparks production’ on a screen, I thought that I would cry at the end of the movie for sure. And of cause I did. The movie was very touching and tearful ending as others Sparks’ films. On the contrary, it was ‘typically sparks’ which ... Read More »

Food Review: Budae Jijgae


Eating is my all-time favorite activity. I usually travel around my town and try new delicious restaurants. Recently, I went to Korean restaurant named ‘Budae Jijgae by Kimju’. And I found that this restaurant is one of the best Korean restaurants in Thailand that you should not miss.   Some of you may wonder what Budae Jijgae is. BudaeJijgae is ... Read More »

The importance of family time


There’s proverb saying that “Time and tide waits for no man.” which means time always run and doesn’t wait for anyone. Most people say that time is like money however I disagree with that. Spending time is not like spending money. Because if we lose our money, we will get it back one day in some ways. But time doesn’t. If ... Read More »

The negative effects of smartphone addiction


Nowadays, technological devices like smartphones have become more effective and cheaper, but also more dangerous.  A smartphone makes our life easier. We can watch movies, play games and so on.  But as we can easily enjoy ourselves with our smartphones, people are becoming very addicted to them. The excess of using smartphone leads to two principle problems. Firstly, using a smartphone ... Read More »