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Selfish People


Have you ever asked yourself what kind of people annoy you the most? I must say, for this question, the answer may be up to individual opinion. But what if I ask, “What kind of people harden other people’s life.” Now, you have to take time finding your answer, but for me, I have got my answer. I think people ... Read More »

A love from my father


In my life, I am usually confined to do many things by my father. I understand that it is the part of my father’s affection. However, sometimes I thought he was overprotective, and this led us to the arguments. I have always wondered why he keeps prohibiting me while other fathers do not. And one day I found the answer. ... Read More »

Novel vs. Film


Someone said, “our imagination flies – we are its shadow on the earth”. This quote must be true for many people since today they try to create many things as similar as our imagination. A good example must be movies which provide the audiences with such fascinating computer graphics. Yet someone are not impressed with them as what these people ... Read More »

Live like a warrior


  “Feel like the world don’t love you” ‘Live like a warrior’, by Matisyahu, is a soundtrack of the popular movie, ‘Walking with the Dinosaur’. A story about a dinosaur who was shut off by others, but he finally made his own path. I found this song meaningful which may give you the strength to live. When the world turns ... Read More »

Bueng Chawak, The Amazing Place in Suphanburi


If you are the one who are interested in the beauty of nature. Do not waste your time going to many places, but just let me be your guide. I would like to introduce you the place where you can find all amazing natural resources. This place is located in my hometown!!! It is Bueng Chawak – the amazing place you ... Read More »