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‘Oscar Award’ Impromptu Show

The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.

Here comes the end of the first semester. I have already chosen Effective Speaking as my most thrilling, but enjoyable course. The course is organized by Ajarn Ruedeerath, whom students usually call A. Bim. Every week, she had interesting lessons to teach us. No matter how common or even boring the topic seemed to be, A. Bim made it an ... Read More »

Ghibli Studio: The World in Children’s Points of View


Have you ever heard of ‘Ghibli Studio’? If your answer is ‘no’, well, I am not surprised. Founded by Hayao Miyazaki, Ghibli Studio is a Japanese entertainment company that produces animations, especially for children and teenagers. Due to its creativity, high quality production, and food-for-thought animations, the studio is famous among Japanese adults and groups of animation-lovers in other countries ... Read More »

HOPE: Mythology in Reality


          Once, in the Greek mythology, Zeus, the king of all gods, was furious with the human and decided to revenge on them. Thus, he created a beautiful maiden and named her ‘Pandora’, believing that she would bring all troubles to the mankind. Pandora was the first woman existing on the earth. Cunning Zeus gave her a mysterious box of gifts, ... Read More »

Short Story: I, a Smiley, and a Liquid Paper


Have you ever faced any circumstances that seemed to be so little of importance, but amazingly turned out to have a real impact on you? Eight years ago, when I was studying in the Lower Secondary School, I used to be a person who really got annoyed easily when any of my friends teased me by drawing or writing any ... Read More »

Movie Review: One Liter of Tears


I’m not a fan of Korean or Japanese TV series, but I watch them because I don’t want to feel like an outsider among my friends. Still, I’m quite picky when choosing anything to watch. I choose only ones for which people agree they are “well-plotted.” I hate nonsense jealousy and revenge-based themes, and prefer those that give courage and ... Read More »