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My Life, Silence That Lasts Four and Half a Minute


What did you see above? The topic? The headers? Or just a blank square? Doesn’t matter, however. What you see might be what you will see me, the author of this article. What I am going to write next will be about a song, that prettily represents parts of my life. The name of the song is 4’33″(Four Thirty-Three). The ... Read More »

“SOTUS” Discipline, Adaptation, or Violation of Human Rights?


When you want to do something, raise your right hand, the upper arm sticks to your right ear, and ask for permission. Who asks you to face ME?   Get your eyes and head down!   “SOTUS”, an acronym standing for Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity, Spirit, is a system that is used to train newcomers in a university, or even ... Read More »