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Summer in USA.


Summer time!! Last year I was so excited with long holidays. We got 6 months holiday!! Before summer, I thought about some interesting things to do on long vacation. I dreamed that I would have time to learn dancing, cooking, playing musical instruments, and also travelling with my beloved friends. But everything that I dreamed was just a dream after ... Read More »

Should a University Student’s Uniform Be Abolished?


In my point of view, there are some reasons that a university student’s uniform shouldn’t be abolished. First, a university student’s uniform reminds students that they’re here to study. We can see that students usually change their clothes before going to hang out with friends at night. This is because clothes sometimes influence people about their duty. Having a uniform ... Read More »

How smart phones effect our lives.


Nowadays, smart phone is very important for most people. Without smart phones, our life would be much harder. However, using a smart phone can cause some bad effects on you. First, smart phones can reduce the time that we can spent on other things. Since you’re spending much of your time on the phone, it can lead you to have ... Read More »

My Korean friend!!


In my life, I wouldn’t think that I will have a chance to have Korean friends because I’m not really interested in them. Somehow I had a chance to meet one Korean girl. She was nice to me when we met but after I left, she told her host family that she didn’t like me. From that day, I always ... Read More »

Why are ghosts in movies so scary?


Have you ever thought of seeing a ghost movie without sound? Do you think it would be just as scary to watch a ghost movie without any of the usual effects? Well, there are some factors that have been used to help ghost movies become scarier, such as the color in the movie, the movie sets they use, the make ... Read More »