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When I almost got to die


“I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens” said Woody Allen. According to this quote, fear is such a sensation that no one can dodge or escape. Especially, it cannot deny that everyone has his or her own fear. Someone fears the height. Someone fears the dark. Someone fears ghost. Or even someone ... Read More »

My life is a journey


The quote says “Every photo has its own story”. I have heard about this saying a lot, but never understood it completely. Until one day, I had nothing to do, but stared at the computer screen all day. Unexpectedly, I accidentally accessed my photo album which exhibited all photos since I joined in Facebook several years ago. I looked at ... Read More »

“When I was your man”


Music is something everyone knows and gets used to. It cannot deny that almost everyone listens to music in every single day. So, it obviously shows that music plays an important part in human’s life. Someone listens to music to relieve stress or sadness. Someone listens to music to entertain himself. Or even someone listens to music for no reasons. ... Read More »

The different kind of love


Real love does not depend upon how much money you have, how beautiful you are, or even what sex you are. Love is like the good feeling that only two people give to each other wholeheartedly. At the present, love can be found anywhere or anytime with anyone no matter who you are. This way, like the traditional idea of ... Read More »

When in Rome, my most favorite novel ever


Novels are my most favorite books to read. I like to spend an hour in the book store finding a great novel to read if I have free time. The type of novels that I love to read the most is about the romance and tragedy because it is really touching, enchanting, and poignant. Although I have a lot of ... Read More »