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The Real Life D.U.F.F.


Everyone must have his or her label when they were in high school. There were works, nerds, weirdos, outsiders, princesses, queens, etc. What was yours? My label was the D.U.F.F., which stands for the designated ugly fat friend.   More than just a label, D.U.F.F. was also a movie title. It was about a group of three friends. The first ... Read More »

CU Cinderella Party


Do you want the most interesting event of the year in Chulalongkorn university? I present to you the “CU Cinderella Party”. I came up with this name due to the finishing time will be at midnight sharp. This is the party which you pay only 25o Baht, and get free food, non-alcoholic drinks. Moreover, there will be a concert from ... Read More »