Barbie Doll -VS- Ball Jointed Doll

Barbie Doll -VS- Ball Jointed Doll


I have been crazy in love with dolls since I was young. One of the popular dolls among young girls is “Barbie Doll”. It is very popular among young  girls because of its cute style of clothes and many versions that we can collect is as a collection. Therefore, at first, I considered it as a doll to fulfil my dream. However, there are many limited qualifications for the posture and the clothes to change the Barbie style. I try to find the way out of these obstacles until the day I know the new type of doll called “BJD”.


BJD or Ball Jointed Doll is created by Japanese company at first before the manufacture spread around the world because of its popularity. For me, it is my answer to break out the limitation of the Barbie doll with its posture, character, and costume. Since this doll named “Ball Jointed Doll”, its joints are the most outstanding feature. BJD has no limited in characteristics as much as the Barbie doll. We can set any post we want as human. This point makes BJD becoming more realistic than the Barbie doll. Moreover, you can create your own favorite character by using BJD as the model. The other benefit of BJD is that we can paint the BJD face as we want. We can make it  as a unique doll in the world. The important feature of BJD I love the most is its costume. There are  plenty of styles of costume that we can buy or even create it by ourselves. We can buy a fabulous one, a cute one, or maybe a cool one as we wish. And of course, we can change BJD hairstyle and colour as well.


 In conclusion, I believed that BJD is better than the Barbie doll because of  its posture, character, and costume which break out the image of the old doll.


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