To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also “believe”.

The American brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright, the inventors of airplane, had a great dream that one day they will be able to fly. Through a hundred failures, nothing could stop them from believing. Finally they succeeded in 1903 with the first wooden plane flied in the air for 59 seconds. From that time, they kept developing more and more and succeeded more and more. Aside from endeavor and intelligence, the most important thing for their success was belief.

Belief can also make the world a better place full of faith. Start to believe your friends and people around you. Through the weakness and fragile hope, the wicked and hopeless desire, you can give them strength. Believe in them. Believe that there are still good things. Tell them that they can overcome those evils and give them hope. And you will see how belief can cause happiness. Three years ago my beloved teacher got a severe accident which made her paralyzed at half of her body. She was hopeless. I and my friends truly believed in her and gave her hope as best as we can. From all the courage, now she can walk again. And that is the power of belief.

After giving people belief, don’t forget to believe in yourself too. Believe in your ability even a hundred say you are stupid. Believe in your beauty even they say you are fat and ugly. Believe in your ways even there is no one agree with you. And believe in your dreams even it’s so dark, even it’s so hard. Just don’t give up and keep believing. Do not care what people say. Let do it! And one day the success will be in your hands. And I believe from all my heart that you all here are great! I have believed in miracles. Whenever I can’t see the way to go on, whenever I am too weak to stand up, I found miracles. Love is my miracle. And I am sure you can have the miracles too.


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