Biking : The Most Favourite Hobby of Mine

Biking : The Most Favourite Hobby of Mine

What is your favorite hobby?  When asking for university students, most of their answers may be reading novel, listening to music or watching movies. For me, one of the my most favorite hobbies is biking.


I do love biking so much. I started biking since I was thirteen. At that time, my dad is the only person who taught me to ride a bike. He also let me going around the city by riding bicycle.

There are many reasons why biking is my favorite hobby. First, I can explore the city by myself. I usually bike along streets in the city with my friend after finishing classes. We ride all around Bangkok to see our wonderful city, great places (like Grand Palace and Sanam Luang) and people around us.


Second, I think that biking challenges me. When I go biking, I have to prepare myself, set the destination and check for the stop points during the way.

However, is it safe to ride bicycle at night? For some people, it may sound crazy to bike at night because it is quite dangerous. You may face the criminals, mad dogs, and accidents, but I think it is such a challenging hobby. If you have basic tools for biking such as flashlight and helmet and follow basic road rules, I think it is enough.

City bikers in San Francisco

Moreover, here are some tips for person who interested in and want to join biking with me.

  1. You should bring some water while you bike or make sure you can access to water while you are riding.
  2. If it has, please ride in bike lane. Try not to ride on the road or footpath.
  3. If you are interested in biking but your friends aren’t, you can let them rollerblading or scooting while you ride.


So, wear your helmet, bring your flashlight and be careful and then, Go enjoy biking with me!

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Hi, I'm Ment. I am a third year student studying in the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University. Nice to meet you all.

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  1. I’d love to ride a bike in Bangkok but there are two serious problems. First, it is way too hot. I’d need a shower anytime I got off the bike. The second problem is the insane drivers in Bangkok. I’d either die from being hit by a car, which would save me having to have a shower, or I’d get so angry at rude dangerous drivers that I’d end up in jail (please visit me) or the hospital with a heart attack.

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