Biological control instead of pesticide

Biological control instead of pesticide

At the present time, there are many ways how to control the damage in the plant. Agriculturists tend to use the pesticide as chemical control. I could not agree anymore that pesticide is the fastest way to prevent from disturbance but it can affect in them and consumers.  With the knowledge about biological control, specialist adapts it by using suitable natural enemies to control injury made by the pests in the natural way.

And what are pests and natural enemies? Pests are organism that affects in others in the bad way. For example, locust, as similar as grasshopper, it can destroy many kinds of plants in the farm, such as corn, banana, orange, rice, soy, etc. They can use pesticide to kill them but according to I have said, it has the negative effects and cannot get rid of them efficiently if they hide in the plant’s parts. Therefore they use the natural enemies instead, they have to realize what natural enemies will be the most appropriate for each pest. For the locust, they can use molds [Entomopthora grylli], nematodes [Mermis sp.], red mites, rats, etc. The effect of using natural enemies may be seen slowly because they have to spend enough time to find their enemies or preys for foods. Sometimes they can do it in the lab but in the real situation they fail.

In the term of natural enemies we can separate them into three groups or they can be called 3P which means predator, parasite and pathogen. Firstly, predator is the one who kills pests by eating, the natural enemies can be the predator in every period of life cycle or just temporary in juvenile or adult age. Second, parasite, by the name, it does not kill the enemy straightly by eating but it will be the parasite of hosts or the pests and it will attack host’s cells and tissues outside or inside up to the kinds of the parasite. Thirdly, pathogen including mold, yeast and bacteria has special way to make their host deteriorate. For instance, spores by the mold can penetrate insects’ exoskeleton by using specific structure. Mold’s cell will divine to increase the amount for reproduction.

Finally I just want to tell you all about biological control that is developed continuously. It has the effect as same as the chemical one, may be better than in some cases too.

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