Book Review: Being Simple is Too Easy
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Book Review: Being Simple is Too Easy

What do you think when you heard the word ‘Down syndrome’? Most of us will, popped up inside your head, think of ‘retard’. That sounds rude and obsolete. Another question is ‘how often do you see the people with Down syndrome or else around the city?’ The answer, for all Thais, would be hardly. This can be imply that Thai society do not open for people with special needs. So, how can we help them?

‘Being Simple Is Too Easy’ written by Katanyu Sawangsri is a book talking about the scenes and story behind the film ‘The Down’. The film had five protagonists which are teenagers with Down syndrome. This film focused on their everyday lives and their backgrounds, such as their families, their development, etc. The writer tried to match his own story about failure and hopelessness in life with difficulties that their family got during the past. Then, from his point of view, he was cheered up by the Down’s great effort in his ‘special’ life. Moreover, the readers will be funny with their actions and thought throughout the story. At last, we’ll know that these five teenagers were supported with love and understanding from their parents and friends. It showed that if we care and love them enough, the results will be worthy.

Talking about feeling, surely, it’s funny with how the writer told the story, but also be a great tearjerker story. Since I’ll be a teacher in the future, this book taught me that being a teacher is not only being a giver to his/her students, but he/she can learn from their students as well. So, I also proudly recommended you to go to your nearest bookstore, get it back home and learn about them.

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