Book review : Confessions of a Shopaholic

Book review : Confessions of a Shopaholic


Today,I want to share a chic lit books “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. This book is about Rebecca Bloomwood ,a pretty girl who like shopping. Rebecca has a problem with spending too much of her money on shopping that she had many bills that she could not afford. She has no control toward buying everything she likes. Rebecca never thinks that she is spending way too much on shopping as she considers everything she spends is part of investing.  After that, letters from banks about her debt are sent to her, but she cannot bear reading it. Becky tries to lie herself that she is OK  and it is not a big problem for her. By the way, she is still a shopaholic person. Later, she copes with her problem by cutting her expenses but it does not work for her because of her habit about shopping. So, she tries to make more money but it does not succeed too. Finally, the luck is on her side. She uncovers an important story and makes a boom in London’s financial world, which besides some popularity as a local TV star brings her also some stability in her banking accounts. In the end, she manages to solve her money problems.

I think it is a funny story for people who want to forget for a while the worries and troubles of everyday life. There are some jokes about her personality that makes me laugh while reading . Moreover, this story gives me some point of view. Although, Becky is hopeless, she still tries to find a way to handle with her problem. So, I  really enjoy reading this book.

I just want to say that “ a credit card is not a girl best friend

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  1. Great naration of the story, Nuch. Your writing makes me smile and that is a big effect! Well done.


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