Book review: The fault in our stars

Book review: The fault in our stars

I love reading, so I had read many books since I was young. The book I had recently finished is “The Fault In Our Stars”. It was written by John Green. Furthermore, I believe that some of you guys already know that book because it already became a movie. That book is about the love story of a couple, Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. They are cancer patient and unfortunately, the boy also lost his leg. In that book, the author narrated about the activities they do together with happiness, but it is not happy eventually. Because of the severe sickness, death tears them apart. The fault in our stars is also such a great young adult novel. Even though, I read it in Thai, it is not easy to understand. Still, I want to start read it again in English as well. In addition, the book is full of beautiful word, so that it made me felt sad and happy at the same time. After finished reading, I cannot imagine how hard I will face when someone I love most in my life has to leave me and will never back again. Thus, what I learnt from the book is doing your best every day and staying with the person you love as much as you can, because you would never know when death would get us.

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  1. Surasawadee Sunktong

    I just finished watching this movie. It was so touching and I cried a lot. I’m gonna read it in English version too.
    By the way, a very good review 🙂

  2. I really want to watch the movie of this book but don’t have a chance to.(because of my busy schedule)
    At First, I don’t want to read the book but this review make me have to think about it again. hahaha 🙂

  3. I watched the movie, but haven’t got a chance to read the actual book. Anyway, I do love the movie version of the fault in our stars. It’s such a heart-warming story though the ending was sad, but “Pain demands to be felt”. 😀

  4. As I found the movie of this story, I want to read this book too.
    I think it will give me such an inspiration and a hope as well.

  5. I watched the movie and really enjoyed it, but maybe for different reasons than many of you. I liked it because the actors and script (words they spoke) avoided many of the usual cliiches in Hollywood. You know what I mean by cliches? Actors say the “right” thing, do the “right” thing, feel the “right” thing, just like nice zombies should. Instead, the dialogue seemed fresh and real. In fact, I wasn’t sure what would happen next, and this is rare for hollywold “formula” movies.

    Of course, I also liked it because Preaw is one of the main actors.

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