Why Brown is Better

Why Brown is Better

Brown is beautiful. And not just for skin; some of the best things in the universe are brown. Just think of all the gorgeous, delicious, happy things we love that are brown; brownies (duh!), chocolate, almonds, the fertile Earth, those deep gold-brown eyes that you can get lost in (I’m talking to you, Sarah), my favorite wool sweater, brown sugar (thank you forever, Mick Jagger), Indiana Jones’ jacket, and that coffee-colored (and stained) leather sofa that has way more interesting stories to tell than the shinny black ones. And brown isn’t just gorgeous, it’s so warm. Brown screams hug me; lean on me if you need to; curl up under me and sleep well. You can trust brown.

So why does brown skin get such a bad rap in Asia? Why is everyone trying to get white? This is an especially perplexing question when one considers that in the wintery-white West, everyone wants brown skin. What gives?

The answer, of course, like with most things, is money. Especially since the rise of big advertisement business in the 1960s (Hello, Mad Men), corporations have been strategically trying to sell people shit they don’t need. Of course, they know people aren’t easily fooled (actually, most are), so they must “invent” this false need by planting the seeds of self-doubt in us; either directly or in subtle ways that we might not detect, but our powerful subconsciousnesses surely will. How do they create this need? It’s easy! Tell people everyday and in every way on TV, on radio, in magazines, online, and even on the damn BTS that they aren’t good enough the way they are; we are all damaged. We are too short, too ugly, our hair doesn’t shine enough, our breath is too smelly, our boobs are too small, and on and on.  And, of course, because we are so imperfect, we will never be happy or successful or get that hot girl or that prince charming. In fact, how do we even manage to leave the house in the sad, sad state we are in?! These 24-7 hate messages have bombarded us so relentlessly that we are now fully desensitized to just how malicious, sinister and effective they are. It’s almost impossible now, but remember when you were around five or six years old and you thought you were pretty happy just the way you were? Well, were you ever wrong!

But fear not because the same corporations who spend millions telling us we suck, just luckily have a product (most likely disposable) to solve all of our problems; magic! In the West, where white-skinned people  are associated with being “sickly pale,” and “too poor” to afford a vacation to the sunny beach, they sell us bronze cream and tanning beds and trips to Thailand to lie on the beach and get…brown. Conversely, in Asia, you can avoid looking so low-so  and being mistakenly associated with a farm job  by using skin whitener.  That’s right, bleach your skin like you do your dirty underwear! Shame on you! It worked for Michael Jackson, didn’t  it? Yes, for every problem they give us, there is a spray, a cream, a subscription, a lucky charm, a something to make us “normal” again.

Well, my lovely brown skinned Asian friends, enjoy the natural beauty that “god” and the gorgeous dark universes have given you, and say “no” to the cynical corporate idiots who try and take it form you. Choose the red pill and be happy because in the real world,

brown is beautiful!

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  1. Such a great inspiration

  2. Thanks, and I hope so. People need to push back against non-sustainable and sickeningly shallow “values.” We are humans, not consumers.


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