Nowadays, there are so many people living in Bangkok. Generally, like a normal metropolis, the Bangkok transportation is so chaotic and inconvenient. However, since Bangkok has established and developed the electric train transit systems, BTS and MRT,. They help decrease traffic jams and traffic problems effectively. Although they both are the alternatives of public transportations, they have some differences when compared to each other.

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The first major difference between BTS and MRT is the atmosphere in the stations. It is true that everyone would prefer the good atmosphere to the poor atmosphere. By using BTS, you have to face the sunlight and stuffy atmosphere while you are waiting for the trains. Moreover, the area in the stations and on the platforms is too small. On the other hand, the atmosphere in the air-conditioned stations of MRT is very good. So you will not be moody or upset while waiting for the delayed trains.

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Another difference is the route networks coverage. BTS is more effective because the BTS route networks cover almost all of the landmarks of the city, such as the official places and especially among the famous shopping malls like Siam Paragon and Central World. In contrast, MRT routes are not broad. Sometimes Bangkokkian have to transit from MRT to another transport to reach their place.

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The final difference of BTS and MRT is the accessibility. In rush hour, there are the overcrowded people in both BTS and MRT stations. In fact, BTS is more inconvenient than MRT to get the access tickets because the ticket machine is not allowed inserting banknotes. Hence, you have to queue up for a long time to exchange coins at the counter. On the contrary, in MRT, you can use the ticket machines to get the tickets by inserting both coins and banknotes, so you don’t have to stay a long queue and can get to work in time.

In conclusion, those are the three main differences between BTS and MRT – atmosphere in the stations, routes coverage and accessibility. Both choices are good but there are still some disadvantages as the aforementioned above; for example, citywide routes or not broad routes. You can choose your appropriate choice to make your life more comfort and are able to live in this rush metropolis.

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  1. Both MRT and BTS is really beneficial in travelling in Bangkok. Because of the boring traffic congestion in BKK, I really don’t want to go anywhere. But thanks to these kinds of transportation, they make me a lot more convenient in travelling in a rush hour. However, personally, I prefer BTS to MRT because it allows me to see the beautiful view of Bangkok town from the train. ;D

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