Bueng Chawak, The Amazing Place in Suphanburi

Bueng Chawak, The Amazing Place in Suphanburi

If you are the one who are interested in the beauty of nature. Do not waste your time going to many places, but just let me be your guide.

I would like to introduce you the place where you can find all amazing natural resources. This place is located in my hometown!!! It is Bueng Chawak – the amazing place you should never miss in Suphanburi. There are three outstanding zones I would like to show you.

The first zone is a large zoo which has various kinds of wild animals like lions, tigers, ostriches, etc. You can feed animals and take photos with some of the rare ones like pheasants – the elegance birds of paradise. Covering over the zoo is the shade of trees for both animals and tourists. The sound of animals and the scent of soil will make you feel like you are really in a big forest.

The underwater zone is a very famous one. There are many aquariums containing lots of aquatic animals and plenty types of fish such as ornamental fish, and rare fish. One of the highlights is the astonishing huge fish, like Mekong giant catfish and sharks. You will feel like you are diving into the clear blue ocean whilst you are walking through the tunnel under the gigantic aquarium, hearing a roar of water.

The last zone is Local Vegetable Park where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are many types of vegetables such as herbs, perennial trees, and climbing plants. Some of them are distinguished by their huge sizes and their strange features. You can spend time resting with your family or taking pictures until your camera run out of memory.

This place is the most popular tourist attraction in Suphanburi which can provide you amazing experiences from animals in the zoo, fish in the aquariums, and the nice scenery of the park. Therefore, next time when you want to explore the jungle or go scuba diving, instead of going to the real places, you can visit just one place, Bueng Chawak.

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