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One day, I’ll show you


Every song has an untold story that the composer try to express their feelings and their thought through the lyric. When you are listening song, you will feel like you slip into the other world. This is the magic of songs. Definitely, one of my magical song is “I’ll show you” by Justin Bieber. “I’ll show you” is the third ... Read More »

Coffee shops


Coffee shops are the places that interest Chula students the most, but what kinds of coffee shops do we need? First of all, we need coffee shops that provide many comfortable seats. This is because Chula students always find some places to do their assignments or some tasks. Doing some work or just sitting to relax together with having some ... Read More »

Chamchuri 9 building


Whenever you talk about interesting place in Chula, I always think of this place. The place is Chamchuri 9 building. When you get sick you can meet the doctor here because it has a clinic. When you want to send the mail you can also go there because it has a post office. During examination period, you can study in ... Read More »

Chula Student Wellness Center: The place to keep your mind healthy


Being a university student, have you ever felt stressed, depressed, or unhappy with your life? If you think these feelings are annoying and interrupting your study, the Chula Student Wellness Center is a good place for you to visit and get rid of these problems. Since they provide free counseling services for Chula students, you can choose either to counsel with ... Read More »

The Secret Reading Place


          As you know congested place like Bangkok, most of students need some place to read books; especially, during the examination week. In general, people paid much money on food and beverages in order to take a seat for working and studying. Furthermore, some wake up too early so that they can reserve the seats in ... Read More »

CU CINEMA : the new place for CU students


As you may know, you can find cinema easily. Just go to the shopping malls, and then go to the top floor.  Many of you may complain about the movie ticket price, and it is so crowded that there are not any seats left.  Is it possible to have a cinema in the university?  Yes. Our Chulalongkorn University has provided ... Read More »

TV Series: The Big Bang Theory


  How do you relieve your stress? The answer would be playing some games, listening to the music, having some exercises, hanging out with your companions, etc. How about something in your television? I can’t resist presenting one of the interesting TV series which is called “The Big Bang Theory”.   Tralier: The Big Bang Theory         ... Read More »

Review: 3 Recommended Free Apps for a Language Learner


Learning a new language can be done by just a fingertip. All you need is just a smartphone with internet and then you are ready to go. Here are 3 recommended free app for a language learner that will help you learn language effectively.   SpeakingPal This app is perfect for learners who want to practice listening and speaking skills ... Read More »