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SCP Foundation

SCP Foundation From the time unknown, we, mankind, dwell in the light, live on the little island of ignorance in the middle of the vast ocean of the unknown. The darkness beyond the horizon is populated by the horror far beyond the comprehension of men and some of them, slowly but surely, creep upon the fragile beach of our sanity. ... Read More »

Movie Synopsis & Review: The Intern


Have you ever imagined how your life will be in your 70s? You may have a picture of an ordinary senior citizen staying at home and raising kids. However, you will change your mind after reading this. Yesterday, I along with my friend had a chance to watch a movie at SF World Cinema, Central World. This movie was extremely ... Read More »

Movie Review: The Martian


What would you do if you were the only one who was left on Mars? How can you survive in such an unwelcoming environment? If you are interested in the aforementioned questions and want to explore more, I would like to recommend a movie “The Martian” The Martian is an adventure sci-fi movie directed by Ridley Scott. The story was ... Read More »

Movie Review: Arpatti


Movie Review: Arpatti If someone talk about a Thai movie that became the talk of the town this month, I believe “Arpatti” would be the first title you think of. The reason why this movie is popular is the Department of Cultural Promotion banned this movie by giving a reason that there were some inappropriate scenes. The producer of the ... Read More »

Creamery Ice Cream Shop

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Are you an ice-cream lover? Yes, I am!  I am the fan of ice cream. I like to wander around to search and enjoy ice cream. There are many interesting ice cream shops near Chulalongkorn university, but I totally recommend this one. I found the interesting home-made ice cream shop near my dormitory. It is called Creamery Boutique Ice Creams. ... Read More »

Movie Review: The Intern


            What will you do after your retirement? I bet most people are still unsure about it. Someone may tell you to look after your grand children, like what most grandparents do, or to stay home doing nothing.             In this movie, there is a retired man who feels very bored ... Read More »

Movie Review : The Down


“The Down”             Everybody in the world cannot choose to be perfect. One man is born with a silver spoon in his mouth while another with a wooden ladle. “The Down” is a movie about people with Down syndrome who can live a normal life as same as others. This movie has changed my aspect towards special-needs people. “The Down” which was ... Read More »

Book Review: Being Simple is Too Easy

Book cover

What do you think when you heard the word ‘Down syndrome’? Most of us will, popped up inside your head, think of ‘retard’. That sounds rude and obsolete. Another question is ‘how often do you see the people with Down syndrome or else around the city?’ The answer, for all Thais, would be hardly. This can be imply that Thai ... Read More »

Movie Review : The Martian


Saturday night, I went to a theater and watched “The Martian”, a science fiction movie that will definitely influence your interest in science and NASA.   The story was about Mark, an astronaut who was left alone on Mars because his friends thought he died in a sand storm. Therefore, he needed to survive on Mars as long as he ... Read More »

The hidden place at Doi Suthep


Last semester in the middle of January, my friends and I had a week off because of Thailand University Sports. We planned to go on a backpack trip to Chiang Mai. Since my friends from high school including my sister are studying at Chiang Mai University, we decided to stay with them and told them to be our guide. They ... Read More »