Adventure & Travel

More Than Books.. “Book Expo Thailand”

                “Book Expo Thailand” is an interesting event I passionately want to recommend for Chulalongkorn campus community. As its name suggests, this event is clearly a book fair which gathers all kinds of printed matters from many publishers, whether domestic or international. More than 900 booths presenting novels, textbooks, art books, comics (or manga), magazines and also souvenirs. Due ... Read More »

Dog Café


I know that many people, including me, are pet lovers. I love dog, especially huge dogs. I have one dog that is half Labrador retriever and half Rottweiler. He is like my little brother and close friend. Although I want to live with him, I can’t bring him up to my dormitory in Bangkok. Accordingly, I tried to find the ... Read More »

Which Fit You More? Beach or Mt.?


Which Fit You More? Beach or Mt.?          What is the first tourist attractions come up in your mind? Generally, people always think about getting some tan skin traveling to the beach whereas some people seek for the peace in the deep green forest in the mountain. Both are the fascinating places for travelers. However, beach and ... Read More »

Work and Travel as a Lifeguard


“What job should I do during my work and travel program?” This question must be one of the questions that pop up in your head. Working at fast food restaurant, theme park or at the hotel is very popular for Thai students. Although you all know that there is so much work to do there and you cannot earn enough ... Read More »

How to prepare yourself before traveling to Germany?


Soccer, sausage and beer = Germany!!!!! Lots of Thai people nowadays travel more to Germany, especially young people.  The number of students who learn German in Thailand rises from year to year and they also do an exchange year there. However, lots of them have no idea how to prepare themselves for that journey or can’t find some useful information ... Read More »

Heaven place for weekend


          Thinking about weekend may make you feel more relaxant. For a short period of time, you need to spend it wisely, going some places might be a great choice but travelling with friends in a cool place is the best. Near the river Kwae, there are so many resort for you to rest. There are ... Read More »

The hidden place at Doi Suthep


Last semester in the middle of January, my friends and I had a week off because of Thailand University Sports. We planned to go on a backpack trip to Chiang Mai. Since my friends from high school including my sister are studying at Chiang Mai University, we decided to stay with them and told them to be our guide. They ... Read More »

The Places to Hide from Thai tourists in Japan this Winter


Winter vacation is calling, it’s time to refresh yourself and say goodbye to loads of such a really tough work which struggling you not to do what you want to do. Now, grab your bag, escape the town for a while and enjoy the moment with your beloved one. I know, Japan is one the most favorite countries for Thais. ... Read More »

The Charms of Koh Larn


  ” What is your plan for this summer? ” I guess this must be the most popular question asked by your friends. The answer may vary, for example, go to the beach, go hiking or go abroad with family. But let you imagine about beautiful beach with clear water, the sound of wave lapping the shore, and you’re stepping ... Read More »

First Time Away From Home

                         Do you still remember the first time you had to stay away from home for a long time? It must be a great time if you were on vacation with friends or family, but it must be tough if you were alone. For me, I can’t forget the ... Read More »