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What a Shame


Songs are similar to photographs in one way or another. They capture some scenes, not to mention, some part of our lives and make it last forever. Like looking at the old pictures, every time we listen to the certain songs which  are truly important for us; we can perfectly recall both memories in our mind and vivid feelings lingering ... Read More »

More Than Books.. “Book Expo Thailand”

                “Book Expo Thailand” is an interesting event I passionately want to recommend for Chulalongkorn campus community. As its name suggests, this event is clearly a book fair which gathers all kinds of printed matters from many publishers, whether domestic or international. More than 900 booths presenting novels, textbooks, art books, comics (or manga), magazines and also souvenirs. Due ... Read More »

Findind Happiness

  It is not just a part of my life, but I always have a question for myself ‘What is happiness?’. At the time when every unpleasant things bursted into me, one movie has come and saved my life. As well as mine, whenever you have a hard time, I do hope that ‘Hector and the Search for Happiness’ could ... Read More »

Why don’t you GO NOW?

Adam Levine

  Most people think that music is for entertaining only. But sometimes we can see a flashback of our past through the lyrics of the song. Lately, there is one song that reminds me of my once decision which could have changed my life. The name of the song is Go Now by Adam Levine. This song is one of ... Read More »

One day, I’ll show you


Every song has an untold story that the composer try to express their feelings and their thought through the lyric. When you are listening song, you will feel like you slip into the other world. This is the magic of songs. Definitely, one of my magical song is “I’ll show you” by Justin Bieber. “I’ll show you” is the third ... Read More »

Fight song


All songs have some messages to communicate listeners and many songs can impact or change people’s life. I listen to music every day and I usually choose the songs which can express my feeling in each day or can inspire me when I feel bad even when I am happy. Therefore, the songs can reflect people’s life, especially my life. ... Read More »

The Face of Chula


In the present day, there are many reality shows to find the people who have a dream to become a model or celebrity. Also, Chulalongkorn students have a dream and talent for this career, but the chance for them is not enough. Thus, this is a good time to make their dream come true by holding the competition “The Face ... Read More »

Live a life you will remember


  We all know that the songs or the movies we have seen are simply based on our real life. So it is not strange if you watch some movies or listen to some songs and happen to think that this is “your song”. It happened to me as well. One day in the last two years, my friend showed ... Read More »

Trial of Disney Princesses to step out of racism and sexism


          When we talk about Disney princesses, the first thing that comes up to our mind would be the fairy stories used for entertaining children, but there is something behind those stories. Disney princesses show the improvement of despising. One point is racism issue. Originally, most of Disney princesses were white due to the social value. Later on, ... Read More »

In the End

'In the End' single by Linkin Park

Music is love. Music is life. I cannot imagine how I can survive without it. Whenever I have spare time, I will grab my mobile phone, tap on a music application heartedly, and enjoy my favorite songs in ecstasy. Some say that the song that you choose to listen to can reflect your thoughts and your personalities. Some say it can ... Read More »