More Than Books.. “Book Expo Thailand”

                “Book Expo Thailand” is an interesting event I passionately want to recommend for Chulalongkorn campus community. As its name suggests, this event is clearly a book fair which gathers all kinds of printed matters from many publishers, whether domestic or international. More than 900 booths presenting novels, textbooks, art books, comics (or manga), magazines and also souvenirs. Due ... Read More »

Chulalongkorn University Museum in the learning community


Chulalongkorn university is the oldest university in Thailand which is widely accepted as the pillar of the kingdom. That reminds it of being the center of learning community. So, “The CU Science Innovation and Technology Museum” will be an interesting thing in Chulalongkorn university campus. This museum comprises interconnected buildings and exhibition halls, in addition to a planetarium and a ... Read More »

Free E-Book System for Chula


If you want to improve education in Chula, start with the library problem.  One innovation that helps to improve this problem is a free e-book system. There are some limitations of sources in Chula. For instance, books in libraries do not cover every kind of subject, and the number of borrowable books cannot serve the need. To clarify, the maximum ... Read More »

The New Online Data Zone in Central Library


Have you ever heard about free online books and research for our Chula Community, but you do not know how to get them? The idea of new online data zone in the Central Library is the solution I would like to propose. Currently, surfing internet is one of the most popular ways that students and teachers use to do research ... Read More »

CULI Self-Access Learning Center

        Located on the second floor of Prem Purachatra Building, the Self-Access Learning Center (SALC) is full of English activity corners and resources to practice your English skills. SALC provides wide areas for several activities. For example, the ‘Let’s Chat’ corner is for those who want to improve speaking skill, and you can see the ‘Writing Clinic’ corner next to ... Read More »

The Right to Use University Libraries.


One interesting thing that I would like to describe for Chulalongkorn University campus community is the rights to use university libraries. Nowadays, some faculties in Chulalongkorn University do not allow students from other faculties to use their libraries. However, if you want to use or enter the libraries, some of them also provide a specific library card for you, but ... Read More »

“Effective tips to stay awake and alert”


Effective tips to stay awake       One thing in common between deadline and exam is that it keeps you away from the word ‘sleeping.’ However, it’s also hard to stand feeling sleepy and yawning. If you are struggling to stay awake, here are some effective ways to help you except coffee and Redbull.           When you are really tired and ... Read More »

Money Management Applications


Money Management Applications                 As college students, we have lots of responsibilities to take care of which are also including money management within our given budget. Most people keep tracking their expanses by recording in their cash book. However, sometimes, it is inconvenience to take out the cash book to record the expenses since you need ... Read More »

The Art of Procrastination


The Art of Procrastination Procrastination is famous for its bad reputation in wasting time. We have been told since we were little that it is a bad thing to do and leads to low quality work. However, we have to admit that a lot of us, college students, procrastinate most of the time. Though, I am also one of the ... Read More »