Since the day I was first in the Faculty of Education, I was intimated by Physical and Health Education students. For that reason, last year, I accepted an invitation by a senior called Toomtaam to join his football club, ARE HERE FC. I suddenly accepted that invitation because I love playing sports, especially football. After that he has introducd me ... Read More »

Sugar, the White Evil


Last Wednesday, I had a presentation about the over  consumption of sugar in my speaking class. It’s a huge problem in modern society (see all the packaged food), and some of people consider it as a serious health problem. For the presentation, I read lots of information describing  the disadvantages of sugar over consumption, and I think it was really ... Read More »

How to make fruit salad


When I am hungry, the first dish that I always think of is something healthy like fruit salad.  Personally, I think that fruit salad is easy to make, good for losing weight people , and also perfect to be snack so I really love eating this delicious dish ever. As I said before , fruit salad is very easy to ... Read More »

Focus T25,the most up-to-date workout trend


     Nowadays, having a good shape is so important for Thai people. Thus, doing the exercise seems to be the best choice for them. Recently, Focus T25 has just broken the new record  to become the most popular workout program for Thai people. There  are some important reasons that make T25 so popular among Thai people.      The ... Read More »

Ways to have lifelong health


It is essential for  people to take care of their own shape as obesity can cause many negative effects. In fact, staying healthy can add years to your life-span and markedly improve your well-being. Thus, it is best to find a way to keep yourself in  good shape. In order to reach a goal of good health, you should follow ... Read More »

Benefits of Chocolate


Benefits of Chocolate People might think that Chocolate can only make us fat, but no.  Chocolate has some advantages too. According to many researches on chocolate, especially dark chocolate, it is proved that chocolate has so many health benefits. First, Chocolate is good for your heart. Eating a small amount chocolate two or three times a week can lower the ... Read More »

Thai herbal medicine


     Do you have a friend who is suffering from a disease?  Has he ever taken a main meditation course which always has many side effects?  What if you have a better choice to heal the disease? If so, you can see that Thai herbal medicine like curcumin, black galingale and Thai herbal ball are used as an alternative ... Read More »

The negative effects of smartphone addiction


Nowadays, technological devices like smartphones have become more effective and cheaper, but also more dangerous.  A smartphone makes our life easier. We can watch movies, play games and so on.  But as we can easily enjoy ourselves with our smartphones, people are becoming very addicted to them. The excess of using smartphone leads to two principle problems. Firstly, using a smartphone ... Read More »

My Yoga Experience


In the first semester of the second year in Chulalongkorn University, I took a course that was very interesting. It was the yoga course. At first, I used to think that yoga is a kind of sport but my yoga teacher told that it is not. Yoga is the physical, mental, and spiritual practice. Also, it is the methods of ... Read More »

Maecenas mattis, tortor ut posuere aliquam


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