We cannot escape from songs. Everyone likes listening to the songs although you may feel good or bad. This is because songs can help us release our emotion well. One song that reflects a part of my life is ‘Flashlight’ which was beautifully sung by Jessie J.

This song is about dreams and hopes. Jessie J is trying to tell everyone not to be afraid of what you want and to follow your dreams. For her, a flashlight is a ray of hope. Regardless of how hopeless life may turn out, she is ready to face everything that comes her way because she believes in herself and never gives up. In addition, she compares a flashlight as a guide in her life that comes in the form of a lover, someone who helps Jessie J overcome hardships and challenges.


Jessie J’s song allowed me to find my flashlight, which is very special and important to me. In my case, the flashlight is my parents, who always help and support me in everything I do. Even though I am facing a difficult obstacle that I must overcome, they will not decide or list what I have to do. Rather they always teach me to think and make a well thought-out choice to handle any problem on my own. It is very beneficial to me to evaluate situations in my life. In fact, it is the most valuable skill that I have learned from them.

As a result, this song reminds me to be grateful to my parents, my flashlight, for taking care of me and always supporting me. I am also very fortunate to have such wonderful guides who are always ready to help me. I hope that they will forever be my ray of light in my life.

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  1. Wow! It’s awesome. I love this song too. XD

  2. Cool! let’s sing it whenever we are lack of power.

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