Chula Student Wellness Center: The place to keep your mind healthy

Chula Student Wellness Center: The place to keep your mind healthy

Being a university student, have you ever felt stressed, depressed, or unhappy with your life? If you think these feelings are annoying and interrupting your study, the Chula Student Wellness Center is a good place for you to visit and get rid of these problems. Since they provide free counseling services for Chula students, you can choose either to counsel with the psychiatrist or the psychologist. Talking to the specialists is better than keeping it to yourself. They can help you solve your problems and make you feel better. They have not only individual counseling, but also group counseling. Group counseling involves 4-8 students with a trained counselor. Group members talk about a variety of issues. They share experiences and get feedback from others, so they can see different points of view and explore their inner feelings. Moreover, they provide wellness enhancement services in order to make you feel relaxed. For example, there are relaxation rooms, workshop activities, and reading area. Going to relaxation room can help you relieve stress, and you can also gain new interesting experiences by joining workshop activities. In conclusion, going to the Chula Student Wellness Center can benefit your mind. If you want to have a healthy life, you have to begin with having a healthy mind.

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