How to make Tom Yum Kung

How to make Tom Yum Kung


Thai food is one of the most famous food in the world. I believe that Tom Yum Kung is the most famous Thai food. Therefore, I will teach you how to make Tom Yum Kung. There are three major steps of cooking Tom Yum Kung.

Firstly, you have to prepare all needed ingredients, including water, shrimps, lemongrass, mushroom, kaffir lime leaves, chopped coriander leaves, chili, salt, lime juice, coconut milk, fish sauce, and milk. However, the amount and ingredients can be adjusted according to one’s preference. After that, pour the water into a pot and add the lemon grass together with kaffir-lime leaves and heat it. Wait until the water is boiling and then pour coconut milk into the pot.

Secondly, add the shrimps into the pot. Cover it for three minutes or wait until the shrimps is cooked.  Slightly add salt and mushrooms.  Leave it to simmer for a few minutes.

Lastly, season with fish sauce, lime juice, and chili. Stir until it is mellow and then remove from the heat.  Dip it up a bowl, pour some milk, and put the chopped coriander leaves on the top.  Now, your delicious Tom Yum Kung is ready to be served.

In conclusion, Tom Yum Kung, one of the most famous foods in Thailand, is easy to cook by doing three mentioned steps: prepared all needed ingredients, cook it properly, and serve and enjoy it!



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